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One-off or series production

Dockstavarvet has the capacity to deliver a new 15-meter craft every 3 – 4 weeks after the first boat has been produced and when we manufacture a larger series. This is facilitated by sophisticated logistics as well as working in close cooperation with local and regional subcontractors and suppliers.

Up to six successive manufacturing stations are employed in full serial production. The hull is normally built in-house. The wheelhouse, some deck sections, all hatches and casings and a number of details arrive ready for assembly at the yard in Docksta. The close relationship and cooperation between design and production – a mere stone’s throw in physical terms – means that assembly runs extremely smoothly.

For one-off or short series production two or three stations is a normal layout resulting in a delivery every 10 – 12 weeks.

When the hull has been completed the fitting out of accommodation areas, engine compartments and subsystems is started followed by installation of technical equipment for navigation, communication and additional customization.

As a small niche yard, there is a sense of pride among all of Dockstavarvet’s employees in performing solid work – which also results in quality exceeding the goals set by our customers.

Testing, trials and delivery

Experienced personnel carry out extensive testing of all subsystems and the boat as a whole before the delivery inspection is started.

Fully-localized documentation is another important part of the package, together with spare part systems and thorough operator and maintenance training, which can be performed either at the shipyard or on-site.

Overseas delivery is already a standard procedure and is readily available on request.