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External Links About Dockstavarvet


2012-05-22 Scania at Seawork – four-digit V8 power by Scania
2011-08-29 Docksta pilot boats christened at Kiel by Baird Maritime
2011-08-11 Pilotboats from Dockstavarvet now sails on Kieler Förde and in Lübecker Bucht (in swedish) by Swedish Embassy in Berlin
2011-05-17 The Royal Marines, the CB90 and the Future Patrol Boat by UK Armed Forces Commentary
2011-03-07 Fast Pilot launches creates jobs (in swedish) by Allehanda Media
2011-01-05 Dockstavarvet delivers six new pilot boats by Baird Maritime

2010-10-29 Swedish assault craft begins trials by Baird Maritime
2010-10-12 New countries shows interest in CB90 (in swedish) by Allehanda Media
2010-10-10 CB90 tested abroad by Barometern.se
2010-10-10 Swedish combat boat 90 are tested abroad (in swedish) by Allehanda Media
2010-05-13 Three more pilot boats from Docksta to Norway by Baird Maritime
2010-03-09 Dockstavarvet to build six fast pilot boats by Baird Maritime
2010-02-25 Dockstavarvet employs more personnel (in swedish) by Metal Supply
2010-01-16 Large order to Dockstavarvet (in swedish) by Allehanda Media

2009-10-01 Weight reduction for Norwegian pilot boats by Maritime Journal
2009-06-02 Dockstavarvet delivers ‘LOS 118’ by Baird Maritime
2009-03-26 A new pilot craft for the Oslo Fjord by Maritime Journal

2008-08-13 Dockstavarvet invest on larger boatbuilds (in swedish) by Allehanda Media
2008-07-30 Swedes Equip Poles for Border Roles by Maritime Journal
2008-06-01 Rugged newbuild for Norwegian Coastal Administration by Maritime Journal

2007-09-03 Dockstavarvet buys parts of Muskövarvet (in swedish) by Allehanda Media

2006-08-01 Fast Security Craft for Russia by Maritime Journal
2006-06-30 Large order to Dockstavarvet (in swedish) by Allehanda Media
2006-06-01 Docksta Delivers 23rd Pilot Boat by Maritime Journal
2006-05-08 Polish order to Dockstavarvet (in swedish) by Allehanda Media

2005-12-22 Large order gives new jobs at Dockstavarvet (in swedish) by Allehanda Media
2005-09-01 Dockstavarvet Celebrates a Successful Century of Boat Building by Maritime Journal
2005-06-01 Dockstavarvet Delivers for Denmark by Maritime Journal

2004-07-03 Dockstavarvet delivers four pilotboats to Denmark (in swedish) by Allehanda Media

2003-10-24 Dockstavarvet delivers the last CB90 out of 147 to FMV (in swedish) by Allehanda Media
2003-10-01 Malaysian Customs Please the Swedes by Maritime Journal
2003-01-16 Pilotboat travel on pulp ship (in swedish) by Allehanda Media

2002-06-01 Swedes Speed to seawork in Record Setting Run by Maritime Journal
2002-03-12 Boatbuilders from Mexico at Dockstavarvet (in swedish) by Allehanda Media
2002-03-06 CB90 to piece keeping assignments (in swedish) by Allehanda Media
2002-03-01 Dockstavarvet to Reveal New Patrol Boat at seawork by Maritime Journal


2014-03-10 CB90; Riverine Command Boat – Ready to Rumble by YouTube
2014-01-18 CB90; BAHRAIN! Riverine Command Boat Training in the Arabian Gulf! by YouTube

2013-11-06 US Navy 5th Fleet Riverine Boat Gun Shoot by YouTube
2013-11-06 Riverine Boats of US Navy 5th Fleet by YouTube
2013-05-20 CB90H; Riverine Squadron II by YouTube 
2013-01-09 Christening of NB575 in Wilhelmshaven, Germany by Wilhelmshavener Seitung

2012-10-19 Dockstavarvet AB and SAAB – Combatboat 90H & Trackfire Remote Weapon Station by YouTube
2012-07-28 CB90H; RIVERINE RCB, riverine, dry fire, live fire by YouTube
2012-02-06 CB90H; Riverine Squadron One during Exercise Bold Alligator 2012 by YouTube

2011-08-11 Christening of 4 Pilot launches in Laboe, Germany by YouTube
2011-07-17 Åstö-day 2011, landing with a CB90 by YouTube
2011-06-05 Crashstop with a CB90 by YouTube

2010-08-16 Combat boat 90, Navy day 2010, Karlskrona by YouTube

2009-11-23 Swedish Navy shooting with AMOS from Combat Boat 90H by YouTube
2009-02-03 Motorjournalen test drive CB90 by YouTube

2008-04-12 CB 90 H with Hellfire by YouTube
2008-03-24 CB90 in Karlskrona by YouTube

2007-12-12 UK Royal Marines testing Combat boat 90 by YouTube
2007-12-07 CB90 used by AMF1 by YouTube
2007-10-07 CB90 test driven in the Amazones 
by YouTube
2007-07-05 CB90 side to side manoeuver by YouTube

2006-12-28 CB90 by YouTube