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Combat Boat 90 HI

For peace-keeping missions

Docksta, 9 January 2002: Dockstavarvet has received an important order from the Swedish Navy to adapt 27 new Combat Boats for international peace-keeping missions. The order came after comprehensive tests and trials conducted with two prototypes of the existing Combat Boat 90 H. The order comprises modifications of the remaining 27 boats in build, where Dockstavarvet will supply 18 boats and its cooperating partner, Gotlands Varv, the other 9 units.

“The order is a result of structural changes within the Swedish Armed Forces with an increased focus on international peace-keeping activities as well as a demand from the UN to support joint international missions with personnel and materiel”, explains Mr K-A Sundin, Managing Director of Dockstavarvet.

Strong ballistic protection

The adaptation embraces three areas: personnel protection, BC protection and operation in a “Mediterranean type climate”. The primary protection for personnel and operation includes the wheelhouse, transport-room and engine-room and will guarantee safety even under the direct fire of 7.62 mm calibre weapons corresponding to 51 Nato Ball 9.5 gr/830 m/s. The protection cover consists of a plastic material, some 18mm thick. The Combat Boat 90 HI is also equipped with a diesel generator and air-conditioning. The closed ventilation system will give the boat BC protection and the ability to get out of areas of contamination. The boat weight will increase by 3.8 tons when all 90 m2 have been covered.

In operation

First delivery will take place in February 2002 and the final boats will be delivered in June 2003. The Swedish peace-keeping force will be built up during the same period and include all 27 Combat Boats. The logistics and equipment for transportation of a task force was delivered last year by Dockstavarvet subsidiary Rindö Marine followed by an extensive test period last autumn.


Since the first delivery of the craft in 1989, the Combat Boat has proved a success, not only within the Swedish Navy but on three continents, from Mexico in the west to Sweden, Norway, Greece and Estonia in Europe, and Malaysia in the east.
The last shipment of 12 units made to Malaysia recently, included delivery of Combat Boat number 200 x a record which is unique not only in Scandinavia and Europe, but also worldwide.