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The History of Dockstavarvet

A century at sea

The first boat was built in 1905, under the trading name N & C Sundins Båtbyggeri. From then until the start of the 1960s, the boats were mainly built of wood. The customers at the start of the last century represented a mixture of private and commercial enterprises. The first pilot boat was built in 1910, with around 20 of these being built until the advent of the aluminum age.

Dockstavarvet History

Dockstavarvets’s first half-century also saw the building of lifeboats for the merchant marine, public ferries and private motorboats. Repairs to commercial vessels gradually came to play an increasingly important role.

Starting around 1960, the main focus has been on workboats for commercial use. Early in the 1980s, the company launched its products outside Sweden.
Foreign sales have grown and now account for a large part of the annual turnover.

Since 2017-12-29 N. Sundin Dockstavarvet AB is a part of SAAB AB.