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License production of Combat Boat 90 HMN in Mexico

Docksta, Sweden 6 September 2002: Dockstavarvet has recently concluded another important order from the Mexican Navy for production of the Combat Boat CB 90 HMN in Mexico.

“The order came after joint discussions and this first package includes all parts for the production of four CB 90 HMN”, declares Dockstavarvet Managing Director K-A Sundin. “Before delivery of all parts to Mexico, there was an intense eight week training period at the Dockstavarvet Shipyard in Docksta, Sweden. Altogether 10 persons attended the training, which included management, hull construction, fitting out and electrical installation. The training was organized by following the ordinary production of CB 90s. The production on site in Mexico will be supervised by a Dockstavarvet project manager”, explains Mr. Sundin.

Successful CB 90 in Mexico

In mid May 2001, Dockstavarvet completed the last delivery of 40 CB 90 HMN for the Mexican Navy to combat illegal drug trafficking in the Caribbean Sea and the Mexican coast of the Pacific Ocean. In addition, Dockstavarvet performed a comprehensive training programme, which started in Sweden and was followed by training on site in Mexico. The Mexican Navy has also ordered ten Base Maintenance systems, including spares and mobile boat lifting systems.

Cutting edge technology

Excellent manoeuvrability and high continuous speed close to 50 knots are key characteristics of the Combat Boat 90 H. The vessels are all aluminium with a reinforced bottom and, by means of a forward bow ramp, powerful landings can be achieved on any type of shore. The Patrol Craft measure 15 metres in length and 3.8 metres in width. They weigh approximately 18 tons, including crew and supplies.

Important cooperation

Captain de Corbeta Rafael J. Vazqvez Feregrino was head of the Mexican Training Group in Sweden, he explained; “This is an important issue for our government. It is long-term and we want to rebuild our ship industry and renew our Navy. We already have two ocean going prototype patrol vessels of some 80 metres and one smaller 50 metre vessel. The CB 90 is classified in our Polaris class. The boats will be assembled in Astrimar No3 in Coatzacualcos. The shipyard is a medium size base with some 250 persons for manufacturing and maintenance. We are happy for this opportunity and believe we will learn a lot. The split in classroom training and later hands-on activities in the workshop are perfect. We will also assist Dockstavarvet in translating the manuals into Spanish”, concludes Mr. Vazqvez Feregrino.