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Rare unbeatable world record

Docksta, Sweden, 15 November 2003: The last two of 147 Combat Boat 90 for the Amphibious Corps of the Royal Swedish Navy left Dockstavarvet Shipyard 23 October 2003 for their final destination Gothenburg in southern Sweden. It was back in 1988 Dockstavarvet was selected to construct two prototypes of a new landing craft, designated the Combat Boat 90 H (Stridsb├ąt 90 H). The first production order was signed 21 June 1990 (12 vessels) and the last batch of 40 boats 8 November 1996.

“The undertaking has been a success all the way from start to finish for the three main parties, the Swedish Defense Material Administration (FMV), the end-user, the Swedish Navy and for us”, explains Karl-Anders Sundin, Managing Director at Dockstavarvet. The main mission of the CB 90 H is to transport troops, half a platoon fully equipped soldiers or corresponding amount of equipment, and land anywhere along the coast and in the archipelagos. It is also used to put reconnaissance units ashore or lay mines. Over the last decade the strategic situation has changed quite dramatically with the focus shifting from stopping an invasion to assisting in international peacekeeping missions and rescue operations. All of the circumstances have changed but the boats are still getting the job done.

Unique undertaking

The CB 90 H production is quite unique, talking both about the time span, well over 10 years delivery and the number of vessels built. The very close cooperation with FMV and the Swedish Navy has also initiated continuous improvements resulting in a much faster craft, today about 45 knots from the original 30 knots, and a much more silent-running boat. The combination of good timing, advanced logistics and a skilful production team, with very close and tight connection between CAD engineers and the production people, has resulted in a total building time of 16 weeks from start to delivery. With four work stations the normal production rate has been one boat every 4th week with a peak output of one new unit every 3rd week. The reliability in performance, the excellent manoeuvrability together with dedicated training and support are cornerstones of the Combat Boat system and its different versions. The Swedish Amphibious Corps today operates three different versions, one as ordinary landing craft, one as command center and one personnel safe, the final batch of 27 units, fitted with Armour Protection Level 4 and equipped for international peace-keeping and rescue operations.

Spin offs

“We have seen that our concept, of developing a new model from a ground version, has been quite successful and since we started deliveries to the Swedish Navy, we have also attracted customer in a number of countries. Altogether close to another 100 boats have been sold worldwide”, concludes Mr Sundin.