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Dockstavarvet 100 years 1905 – 2005

Looking back at 100 years of uninterrupted operation as a family owned business, the development from the modest start in 1905 is dramatic.

“Today”, explains Mr Sundin “we have gained a know-how which is based on long term cooperation and feed-back from customers operating under the most demanding professional conditions world-wide. This knowledge goes straight back into all new projects and our Pilot Boats and Police/Patrol Craft are at the forefront of what you find on the market today.”

Photo: K-A Sundin, Managing Director, Dockstavarvet
K-A Sundin, Managing
Director, Dockstavarvet

Summary of the most important and characteristic steps during a decade

1905 The family company started by Nils Sundin. A small workshop was established
1906 First order, a fishing boat for a local fisherman
1916 First wooden-hulled Pilot Cutter delivered
1920-1935 Serial production of lifeboats for merchant marine
1926-1958 20 wooden-hulled Pilot Cutters delivered to local pilots in Gulf of Bothnia
1937-1938 Prestige orders; a 12.8 m Petterson-design pleasure launch and an 11.2 m coastal cruiser
1940-1945 Serial production of lifeboats and workboats for the Royal Swedish Navy
1945-1958 Production of knock-down-kits for small road ferries and assembly on site
1950-1965 Phasing out of wood and pleasure craft and transfer to steel, aluminium and workboats
1957 First steel Pilot Cutter delivered
1960 The second generation, Karl Sundin takes over. New slipway and workshop constructed
1967 Solitude, the biggest yacht built in Sweden after WW II, a 22 meter steel-hulled motor-sailor
1969 The first newbuild in aluminium, a fast launch for the Swedish Coast Guard
1975 The third generation, Karl-Anders, Torsten and Per Sundin takes over
1975-1986 Serial production of Pilot Boats for the Swedish Maritime Administration
1980 First export order, a workboat for Tanesco, Tanzania
1989 The first two prototypes of CB 90 H for the Royal Swedish Navy
1991-2003 Delivery of 147 Combat Boats for the Royal Swedish Navy
1992-2004 20 Pilot Boats for Denmark
1996-1999 16 Combat Boats for the Royal Norwegian Navy
1999-2001 40 Combat Boats for the Mexican Navy
1999-2001 14 Combat Boats for Royal Malaysian Navy
2002 Interceptor 15 M prototype ENFORCER II built for own account as demonstrator
2002-2004 License Production in Mexico (8 x CB 90 H) and Malaysia (4 x IC 16 M)
2004 IC 16 M Security Interceptor delivered to Russia
2005 IC 16 M in production for Mexico and 4 x ALUPILOT 14000 for Denmark