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Dockstavarvet joined HSWMS Carlskrona worldtrip

Dockstavarvet with its international busniness is yet another time one of the industry members onboard HSWMS Carlskrona on its annual training trips. In 2005 Carlskrona is performing a trip around the world for six months and this year, like earlier times, we have an exhibition onboard on display in all harbours along the trip.

HSWMS Carlskrona is the Swedish Navy´s largest fighting ship. She is minelayer and in peacetime primarily used as a platform for the training of officers and national servicemen in the handling and laying of mines.

HSWMS Carlskrona is used as a training ship for midshipmen. Since she was launched at the Karskrona Shipyard in 1982 she has carried out training cruises. Annual training cruises, to all parts of the world, is a tradition upheld by the Swedish Navy since the middle of the 19th century.

During the five months of the year 2005 the Carlskrona will carry out the yearly training cruise.

The objective of the cruise is:

  • To train the navy´s midshipmen and to provide an experience in international operations.
  • Another task for the ship and her crew is to show Swedish presence in foreign waters, to spread knowledge about Sweden and to create an interest in Sweden, thereby supporting Swedish representation overseas.
  • Last, but not least, HSWMS Carlskrona, with her annual cruises to foreign countries, promotes Swedish export industry.