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First IC 16 M to Mexico

Docksta, Sweden August 10 2005: The first IC 16 M unit from Dockstavarvet to the Mexican Navy was delivered on 10 August. The new vessel, named “MIAPLACIDUS”, was taken over after two days of acceptance tests in Docksta.

The new program, named “POLARIS II”, was initiated last December aiming to continue the success of the CB 90 HMN, being a vital tool in the Mexican Navy’s efforts to combat drug trafficking. The Navy intends to expand its fleet of fast interceptors with more IC 16 M units locally built at Astilliero No 3 (Shipyard 3) in Coatzacoalcos, all parts delivered from Dockstavarvet as complete knock-down-kits. As part of the program the construction of the first unit has been closely followed by Mexican engineers.

The IC 16 M was originally configured with a normal bow, the wheelhouse set aft and an accommodation for a crew of 4-6 persons to live onboard. In the Mexican version the characteristics of both the CB 90 H and the IC 16 M have been mixed. The bowramp is reintroduced and the accommodation comprises seating for 18 troops. The result is a new combat boat laid out as a patrol boat adopted for open sea conditions, with even better speed capabilities.

The IC 16 M is in all aluminium construction designed to meet the requirements of Lloyd’s Register’s Special Service Craft Rules. The vessel is powered by two MAN diesel engines giving a total output of 1618 kW (2200 hp) with a sprint speed of over 50 knots. The engines are driving two Rolls-Royce FF410 waterjet units through hydraulic clutches and flexible shaft couplings.

The technical systems installed in the IC 16 M are based on proven CB 90 H solutions, developed for and together with the Swedish Navy with a combined operating time of more than 400,000 hours worldwide.

With a speed capability of more than 50 knots it’s a true High Speed Craft, but it is not a racing machine. It retains the ruggedness and reliability which is the trade mark of all Docksta designs.