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Diving Tender for International Operations

Docksta, Sweden October 11 2005: Dockstavarvet has delivered a diving tender to the Royal Swedish Navy, comprising a modified CB 90 HS originally delivered in 1993.

The troop transport compartment is converted to carry a portable rescue chamber type Duocom for immediate and fast recompression on-board. The Duocom chamber is designed to take a tender or medical advisor to give first aid or support vital functions and allow oxygen breathing via mask. The chamber is then unloaded through the aft hatch and transported to the nearest stationary chamber.

Normal procedure is to unload the Duocom with an external crane or winch, but it can be carried by six due to its light weight aluminium construction. A hydraulic lift enables the crew to position the chamber for unloading.

All high pressure air and oxygen vessels are stored in special casings on deck and can easily be released to sea in case of an emergency.

In total 240 units CB 90 H have been delivered since 1989, whereof 147 units to the Royal Swedish Navy. The latest version HS is fitted for international operation comprising armor protection, collective NBC protection, air conditioning, genset, WC and fresh water system.