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Dockstavarvet appointed new MD

Docksta, Sweden 3rd January 2006: Mr. Torbjörn Larsson is taking over as Managing Director for Dockstavarvet from January 2, 2006.

Mr. Larsson has until now been acting as Managing Director for Dockstavarvets subsidiary Rindö Marine outside Stockholm and as Technical Director at Dockstavarvet . Mr. Larsson will continue as Managing Director for Rindö Marine.

Mr. Larsson is Naval Architect and Rt. Commodore of the Royal Swedish Navy, and has a history within the Swedish Amphibious Forces as well as head of the Shipbuilding Division and the Ships Directorate at the Swedish Defence Material Administration. Mr. Larsson has experience from a vast variety of new building projects within the Swedish Navy and took a vital part during the development of the CB 90 H during the 1980s and 90s as well as the procurement of the Visby class corvettes.

Former Managing Director Mr. K-A Sundin will retire and step down from the day to day business but still act as Chairman and be around as advisor.