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Security Craft to Russia

Docksta, Sweden June 14, 2006: Today, Dockstavarvet has delivered its second Security Craft to Russia. This delivery comprises a smaller boat HSPC 11.3 M than back in 2004. The new vessel was taken over at Dockstavarvet by Autogrand Marine Ltd, and will be operated on the inland waterways of Russia.

The HSPC 11.3 M is developed from the IC 16 M which is based on the well-known CB 90 H concept adapted for patrol operations. The wheelhouse comprises seating for coxswain and navigator, a sofa for 3 passengers and a small galley. The accommodation is arranged for the crew to rest with a small head and working area. The air draft is kept less than 3.50 meters enabling the craft to pass under the bridges even at high waters.

Photo: HSPC 11.3 M Security Craft

The HSPC 11.3 M is in all aluminium construction and powered by two VOLVO PENTA D9 diesel engines giving a total output of 736 kW (1000 hp) and a sprint speed of more than 42 knots. The engines are driving two ROLLS-ROYCE FF310 water jet units through ZF reduction gears and flexible shaft couplings.

The technical systems installed on the HSPC 11.3 M are based on proven CB 90 H solutions, developed for and together with the Swedish Navy with a combined operating time, worldwide, of more than 750,000 hours. The low radar profile of the new HSPC 11.3 M together with its extreme speed resources and manoeuvrability makes it a most powerful platform for police / security operations.


Length, O.A. 11.36 m
Beam, O.A. 2.94 m
Draft 0.90 m
Displacement abt. 8.2 tons
Machinery 2 x 368 kW
Speed 42+ knots
Corr. range, cruising speed 200 nautical miles