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New order to DOCKSTAVARVET Combat Boats for the Swedish Amphibious Corps

DOCKSTA has received an order from the Swedish Defence Material Administration to build 18 new Combat Boats with delivery to the Amphibious Corps from 2018 to 2020. The new boats will be based on the existing design but will be fitted with larger engines, type SCANIA DI 16, modern electronics and a remote-controlled weapon station. This modernised version will get type designation CB 90 HSM.

DOCKSTAVARVET was the main contractor for the 147 Combat Boats delivered to Sweden between 1989 and 2003 and have additionally exported nearly 100 units to

Mexico, Malaysia, Norway, the United States and Greece.

The Combat Boat is an all welded aluminium construction and measures 15 x 3,8 meter with a 1-meter draft. The propulsion package comprises two diesel engines driving two waterjets through hydraulic clutches. The boat is normally manned with 3 crew and can carry 18 soldiers. The boat is fitted with a bow ramp and the structure is strengthened to perform “forceful landing” even on rocky beaches.

This addition to our order book gives us a good basic workload until the end of 2019, says CEO Anders Hellman and adds that it is also an important reference for further export orders.

For additional info:

Anders Hellman, CEO, tel +46 613-711 601,
e-mail: ah@dockstavarvet.se

K-A Sundin, Senior Advisor, tel +46 613-711 611,
e-mail: kas@dockstavarvet.se