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Customer support is an important part of our total supplier concept.

Dockstavarvet has a main support base at its repair shipyard Muskövarvet outside Stockholm in Sweden. Here, as well as at the customer site, we are able to give full support to keep operational availability at a very high level. An important part of customer support is operational and on board maintenance training as well as base maintenance training and we provide customized programs for all levels of basic skills.

Water jet maneuvering and high-speed navigation demand certain skills.

Since both our civil and military craft are powerful units, we aim to give all operators the best training available. Our supervisors are experienced and know the products down to the smallest details. For the operational personnel we can also, in cooperation with the Swedish Amphibious Corps, provide very efficient simulator training. In the maintenance training facilities at Muskövarvet, we employ mock-ups of the most important units of the boat propulsion system. When it comes to all auxiliary equipment we work in close cooperation with our key suppliers.