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The Danish Pilotage Organisation

For almost two decades, Dockstavarvet has been supplying Pilot Boats to the Danish Pilot Authorities. The MC-versions back in early 1990ies are of Murray Cormack design, whilst the AP-versions are of Dockstavarvet design.

P.V. FRIGG 2003
P.V. FRIGG, 2003 

– MC 15 M, ALDEBARAN to Lille Belt Pilots, Fredericia in December 1992
– MC 15 M, CANOPUS to Limfjorden East Pilots, Hals, April 1993
– MC 13 M2, COMET to the Sound Pilots, Elsinor, July 1993
– MC 13 M1, POLLUX to Odense Pilots, November 1993
– AP 14000, STELLA POLARIS to Store Belt Pilots, May 1994
– AP 14000, SIRIUS to Kalundborg Pilots, December 1994
– AP 14000, MERCUR to the Sound Pilots, Dragör, May 1995
– AP 14000, PLUTO to Grenaa Pilots, June 1995
– AP 14700, STARKAD to Lille Belt Pilots, Fredericia, January 1996
– AP 14000, RIGEL to Storströmmen Pilots, May 1996
– AP 14000, STELLA Nova to Store Belt Pilots, October 1996
– AP 14000, THRYM to Aarhus Harbour, December 1996
– AP 14700, TRITON to the Sound Pilots, Dragör, May 1997
– AP 14000, MARS to the Sound Pilotage, Copenhagen, June 1997
– AP 14000, VIKAR to Lille Belt Pilots, Aabenraa, November 1997
– AP 14000, JUPITER to the Sound Pilots, Dragör, December 2002
– AP 14000, VENUS to Dan Pilot, Gedser, February 2003
– AP 14000, FRIGG, to Belt Pilots, Kalundborg, December 2003
– AP 14000, NEPTUN, Danpilot, Grenaa, July 2004
– AP 14000, LUNA, Belt Pilots, Fredericia, 2005
– AP 14000, POSEIDON, Sound Pilots, Helsingör, 2005
– AP 14000, SPICA, Danpilot, Hals, 2005
– AP 14000, VEGA, Danpilot, Spodsbjerg, 2006

All Pilot Boats are propeller-driven except STARKAD and TRITON which have waterjet propulsion. The AP 14000 is 13.9 m long with a beam of 4.6 m. The AP 14700 is 14.7 m long with a beam of 4.65 m.


CG 20 M, HAVTERNEN , Fiskeridirektoratet, 2006

– CG 20 M, HAVTERNEN , Fiskeridirektoratet, 2006

Copenhagen Airport Kastrup

Copenhagen Airport Kastrup ranks 17th in Europe and 56th in the world. In 2006 they will have to be able to cope with even larger aircraft than today. Singapore Airlines has already ordered a number of the new Airbus A380 for 600 passengers and they will use them at Kastrup. An old fleet of rescue vessels caused the authority to decide upon the new Rescue Vessel from Dockstavarvet.

The craft is configured to carry up to 13 units of 50 person inflatable life rafts in quick-release mounts, according to IATA regulations. For fire-fighting purposes, a Ruberg 2000 l/min fire pump is fitted with a combined monitor and foam-mixer arrangement on the fore deck. The pump capacity can also be diverted to a sprinkler arrangement on the wheelhouse top for self-protection if there should be burning oil on the surface of the sea.

– Rescue Boat to Copenhagen Airport September 2001

Rescue Boat to Copenhagen Airport September 2001