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CB 90 RMN for border surveillance outside Sabah and Sarawak

Dockstavarvet has been very successful in Malaysia with deliveries to the Royal Malaysian Navy and at present with an order for the Royal Malaysian Customs. Altogether 17 units have been delivered to the Navy for deployment in the waters of Sabah and Sarawak.

CB 90 RMN Malaysia

– 1 x CB 90 H delivered in 1996
– 2 x CB 90 H 1999-01-14 for delivery 1999-04-13
– 2 x CB 90 H 1999-06-25 for delivery 1999-09-22
– 12 x CB 90 HEX 2000-01-31 for delivery 2001-10-25
– 1 x CB 90 H/VIP delivered in 2002

CB 90 Malaysia, crash stop

CB 90 Malaysia CB 90 Malaysia
CB 90 Malaysia

IC 16 M prevent smuggling into Malaysia

IC 16 M Malaysia

Dockstavarvet has now delivered four new Patrol Craft for the Royal Malaysian Customs to operate in both West- and East Malaysia. The first boat began operations outside Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan/Tawau area. Within short after deployment the IC 16 M became a threat to those trying to sell cigarrettes, drugs and even illegal trafficking of people.

– 4 x IC16 M in 2004 for license production in Malaysia
– 4 x IC16 M in 2008 for license production in Malaysia

IC 16 M Malaysia