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Environment – Health – Security – Quality

  • Dockstavarvet AB has a great professional competence in planning and manufacturing of aluminium boats sized 10-25 m, and also maintenance, repairs and rebuilding of ships to a size of 400 tons deplacement/50 m in length. The main part of planning and construction work is performed by our own personnel with great competence and experience within this area of expertise.
  • Dockstavarvet AB has implemented an integrated quality- and environmental management system where working environment, as well as fire precautions is included. The system leads to a developed ability of internal control, in all levels, so that the environmental influence is minimized, a safe working environment and the right quality are obtained by a personal responsibility taking by the employees.
  • Quality and environment will make Dockstavarvet AB the customer’s first choice.
  • Our way of working will be preventing and striving towards continual improving and continuous development of the environment, health, security and quality work. The work shall be pervaded by a comprehensive view and verified by regular audits.
  • We shall meet or exceed the applicable laws and regulations demanded upon the company.
  • Our strategy is to maintain a high status regarding work satisfaction and comfort. All personnel shall contribute to the systematic and continuous quality development at Dockstavarvet AB.
  • Our goal is to continuously take part of progresses and new findings and apply this into our work.
  • We shall require our suppliers and entrepreneurs to set the environmental and quality demands for each work.
  • We find it our obligation to decrease the influence on the environment to that extent where it is ecologically motivated and financially plausible. Pollutions shall be minimized.
  • We shall minimize the origin of waste and separate at source our discards to secure recyclable material.
  • Our way to handle issues regarding environment, health, security and quality will give our customers, employees and the society a great confidence in us.

Dockstavarvet AB

Anders Hellman