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Vessels built at Dockstavarvet

Since no records of boats built at the yard were kept previously, in 1976 a list was made of those vessels where information was obtainable.

This information was obtained from existing blueprints and documentation from boat clubs and records, the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Royal Naval Materials Administration. Since 1935, many of the larger vessels should still be traceable. Rowing-boats, dinghies, open fishing boats (tenders with inboard engines), boats for outboards engines, open centre-board sailing boats and lifeboats have not been included. For a time, the building of lifeboats accounted for a major share of the yard’s turnover. The total number of wooden vessels built at the yard is estimated at between 200 – 300

Reference list 1905 to 2011 – Swedish
Reference list 1905 to 2011 – English