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Combat and Patrol Boats

Modern patrol boats are now used by a number of authorities, Military and Non-military and, depending on duties, the requirements on the vessels differ.

The new threat scenarios, with increasing pirate and terror activities, are forcing the formation of new institutions and authorities worldwide. Apart from normal surveillance and border control operations, the crews onboard different vessels have to cope with a more intense personal threat situation. Border surveillance, anti-drug trafficking and environmental protection are some of the tasks performed by Dockstavarvet Patrol Craft worldwide.

A balanced mixture

Based on the CB 90 H Dockstavarvet has developed a number of versions of the High Speed Patrol Craft for Military and Non-military operations over the past ten years.

The CB 90 HEX type retains the bow ramp/landing capability combined with basic accommodation for a crew off four.
The IC 16 M type is based on the same hull and propulsion system modified with a wheelhouse further aft and improved accommodation for a crew of up to six. Sprint speeds of 50 knots can be achieved.

The CB/IC 18 M project is an enlarged version building heavily on the CB 90 H and IC 16 M know-how to create a multi-purpose platform with increased carrying capability for personnel and/or equipment.

Furthermore, Dockstavarvet can offer the well proven Swedish Coast Guard Patrol Craft type 300. This vessel is 20 meters in length with a top speed approaching 40 knots.