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Specifications - Rescue Vessels

Technical data on the Airport Rescue Craft

  • The craft is configured to carry up to 13 units of 50 person inflatable life rafts in quick-release mounts, according to IATA regulations.
  • For firefighting purposes, a Ruberg 2000 l/min fire pump is fitted with a combined monitor and foam-mixer arrangement on the fore deck. The pump capacity can also be diverted to a sprinkler arrangement on the wheelhouse top for self-protection if there should be burning oil on the surface of the sea.
  • With two 450 kW diesel engines and water jets the full load top speed is 32 knots. The boat is fitted with a comprehensive navigation system including radar, electronic charts, autopilot etc. Communication systems can be tailored to customer requirements.


LOA 16.10 m
L, hull 14.90 m
LWL 13.00 m
Beam 3.80 m
Draught 0.80 m
Displ. loaded 21.3 tons
Cruising speed 30 knots
Fuel cap 1500 l
Range 200 N.M.