Specification - CB 90 H

The general arrangement shows a typical high-speed chine form hull, with reverse sheer and a narrow 1-man landing ramp forward. The aft 25% of the hull, behind an insulated watertight bulkhead, is dedicated to the machinery consisting of two 460 kW Scania DSI 14 diesel engines driving KaMeWa FF water jets. A cabin with seating for 20 troops, together with their equipment, occupies the mid-body of the craft. The wheelhouse “module” is splinter protected and located between the troop compartment and the bow ramp landing area. The space accommodates the helmsman to starboard and the CO/navigator to port in a compact, cockpit type, layout with an extra chair in the center line for an instructor/troop commander.

The weapon fit comprises a 12.7 mm machine gun (or a 40 mm grenade launcher) carried on a ring mount aft of the wheelhouse and a double 12.7 mm mounted in front of the helmsman’s position. The twin mount is fixed in traverse and aimed by pointing the craft – hence the elevation and fire controls are incorporated in the maneuvering levers at the helmsman’s position. Additionally, the CB 90 H can also carry 2.8 ton of mines or the modified Hellfire-type RBS 17 SSM system.

Prototype and serial construction

The prototype contract required Dockstavarvet to do all the strength calculations and dimensioning as well as all engineering and construction drawings on the basis of the FMV project design and in close o-operation with a joint user/buyer project group. The first trails with CB 801, only 10 months after contract award, in September 1989, were an immediate success with the boat fulfilling all requirements by broad margins. The system test period was cut from twelve to six months and Batch 1 (twelve boats) serial production started in September 1990.

For Batch 2 Dockstavarvet, as lead yard, teamed up with Swede Ship Marine as a cooperating partner for the construction of all boats with even numbers and has so far received orders for 63 + 30 + 40 units bringing the total number in the RSwN up to 147 units, operating as Strb 801 – 947. Deliveries were completed in October 2003. The boats are deployed in four Amphibious Battalions forming the backbone of the new Amphibious Corps, RSwN.

Advanced logistics down to nuts and bolts

The boat is built in a fully developed serial production system employing six workstations with a capacity to deliver one new unit every 3rd week. The combination of timing, advanced logistics and a skilful production team, with very a close and tight relationship between CAD engineers and the production people, is enhanced by an ISO 9001 QA system. All boats undergo a comprehensive testing program before delivery.

Performance dependability, and excellent maneuverability, together with dedicated training and support, are the cornerstones of every component of the Combat Boat system.

Future development of CB 90 XXX weaponry

The standard manually operated 12.7 mm MG can be replaced with stabilized remote controlled weapons for the ring mount gun position, even of a higher caliber. Stabilized fire control and launcher arrangements for the RBS 17 missile system and the twin barrel 12 cm AMOS mortar system are possible future improvements currently under development to further enhance of the flexibility of the CB 90 concept.

Transportation of Rapid Deployment Amphibious Task Force

One of the very important characteristics of the CB 90 H is its low profile. Not only does it project a small target area and a low radar signature, when loaded on a standard low loader the boat, with a total height of less than 4.5 meters, can be transported anywhere over land, on RoRo vessels and even by air!

The Swedish Amphibious Corps has used this to its advantage when forming a rapid deployment, go-anywhere amphibious task force. Dockstavarvet has assisted by designing and delivering a system of slings, cradles, wagons and lashing material for a variety of transportation modes.

Technical data

 Length, OA:  14.90 m
 Beam:  3.85 m
 Displacement:  18 tons
 Engine power:  2 x 600 kW
 Speed:  45 knots