Specification - IC 16.5 M

Based on more than 1 500 000 operating hours

IC 16.5 M is in all aluminum construction and powered by two diesel engines giving a combined output of up to 2000 kW (2720 hp) and a sprint speed of 55 knots. The engines drive two Rolls-Royce Marine A40 water jet units via ZF 665 gearboxes.

The technical systems installed in the IC 16.5 M are based on proven CB 90 solutions developed for, and together with, the Swedish Navy. The combined operating time, worldwide, is more than 1 500 000 hours.

Flexible specification

A number of variations and add on modules are available to suit different customer requirements.

Technical data

Length, extrem: 17.90 m
Length, OA: 17.20 m
Length, WL: 14.50 m
Beam: 4.15 m
Draft: 1.10 m
Displacement: 24 tons
Speed, cruising: 40 knots
Speed, sprint: 55 knots
Main engines: 2 x MAN V12 1360
Engine power: 1000 kW (1360hp)