Different models of Combat Boat 90 H

At an early stage Dockstavarvet decided to develop upon the CB 90 H concept to create a new model instead of creating a new model from scratch.

This has proven to be a very strategic and important decision in terms of both cost and time. The development and delivery plan has the following key characteristics.

CB 90 HEX for the Hellenic Coast Guard (CB 90 HCG)

Three boats were delivered in 1998 based on the CB 90 NEX with crew accommodation but not including the raised superstructure. The boats were fitted with a combined cooling/heating system for the wheelhouse and accommodation areas. Further modifications included Armour Protection Level 4 for the wheelhouse front and sides.

The electronic outfit was supplied by Furuno and comprises a FR-8051/FMD-8000 twin display radar, GP-30 navigator, Ritchie MS-100 electronic compass, Taiyo TD-L1550A RDF as well as a FM-8500 VHF/DSC and a FS-1562/DSC-6A MF/HF-station. In addition, there is a Simrad IS11 log/sounder system and EPIRB plus SART from McMurdo.

CB 90 H for the Royal Malaysian Navy

Four standard CB 90 H’s were delivered directly from the running production for the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration during 1999.

CB 90 HEX for the Mexican Navy (CB 90 HMN)

The final three units in a batch of 40 were delivered in March 2001. All boats are fitted with 2 x CAT 3406 E main engines, giving a sprint speed well over 45 knots, a Transas navigation system, HoseMcCann intercom, a Onan genset producing 7 kW, 115 V AC, 60 Hz and Marineair air-conditioning.

CB 90 HEX for the Royal Malaysian Navy

Twelve CB 90 HEX were delivered during 2001. The specifications included the CAT 3406E engines, Onan genset for 230 V AC and air-conditioning. The navigation system was based on the brand new Furuno NavNet technology and also incorporated the SC-120 GPS compass system. Phonetech supplied intercom.

CB 90 HS for the RSwN Amphibious Corps

The last 27 units for the RSwN Amphibious Corps were all fitted for International Peacekeeping Operations including modification for tropical conditions and full Armour Protection Level 4. The primary protection includes the wheelhouse, transport room and engine room and guarantees safety even under direct fire from 7.62 mm caliber weapons corresponding to 51 Nato Ball 9.5 gr/830 m/s.

The CB 90 HS is also fitted with a diesel generator and the closed ventilation system gives the boat MBC protection and the ability to get out of areas of contamination.

The total weight increase amounts to 3.8 tons and the speed loss is partly compensated by up rating of the standard engines from 2 x 460 kW to 2 x 500 kW.